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Welcome to planetmusic! Americans, have you become bored with the music on your radio? Brits, are you obsessed with the music from Slumdog Millionaire? Aussies, did you just discover Yoko Kanno? Are all of you looking for international-type songs? Then this is the comm for you! Here is a community dedicated to sharing our favourite non-English music with those who want to expand their musical horizons.

Your mods are plazmah and amory_vain and will be more than happy to assist you if you have questions or comments.

What do you mean by ‘world music’?

This is a community that promotes we’re not exposed to on a regular basis, so please refrain from asking/reccing English music from English-speaking countries. I will smack you upside the head if you talk about how awesome Kanye is, for example. There is, however, an exception...

At the end of every month the mods will open up an English music post. Because for some of us, English music is foreign music. In this post, feel free to talk about your favourite songs from the US/UK/Australia/Canada. Or keep promoting world music, it’s all good.

Note: English music from non-English speaking countries, like an English song from a Mandarin singer, is fine for regular posts.

File sharing

When you’re reccing international music that you like, feel free to use sources such as YouTube, imeem, or to share. However, all file sharing (mp3, avi, etc.) must be done in locked posts.

When you're including a download link in your music post, please include a link to buy the song if possible, through Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, etc.

Posting guidelines

If you’re looking for music from a particular country, feel free to inquire. If you’re here to share your music, create your post in this format:

Song name:
Genre: (i.e. pop, rock, dance, electronica, folk, classical, etc.)
Country of origin:
Language: (Because sometimes a country speaks multiple languages, or because sometimes someone in Korea sings a song in Spanish.)
Why you love the song/who else would like this song: (i.e. "The lyrics are amazing!"/"If you enjoy progressive rock, this is for you!")

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